Carla Guzman Stager



With more than 10 years of experience in organizing and designing spaces for trade and Fashion shows expos as well as buying and renovating homes, has given me the drive to pursue my passion for Interior Designing and Home Staying now in Canada. 

Being involved in the business of buying properties and renovating them to sell made me a very detail oriented and creative thinker at the time to execute a project and get optimize results.   


 As a Certified Stager my number one priority is to SHOWCASE the highest potential that a property has to offer, maximize the impact, flow and size of the spaces through the concept of LESS IS MORE. 

 Applying my professional skills, knowledge and experience I am committed to enhance the value of your House or Business Investment assisting you with time saving and cost expenses.  


With a simple touch of Uniqueness and Elegance your property will be ready to showcase and assure potential buyers engagement.  We guarantee the best value and outcome when selling your HOME believing in the concept of Elegance Through Simplicity. 


Time is money and time is savings, let us assist you in getting your Property ready for the market and show Buyers their investment true potential.    


Myself and our team of professionals take pride on our commitment to help you get the best value possible of your INVESTMENT.